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Dr Lee Consulting is a software testing consultancy offering training, advice, content creation, testing practice assessments and coaching to help those looking to improve their software testing and quality practices

A different approach to software testing consulting

It’s time for some fresh thinking around software testing consulting.

Dr Lee Consulting is a new consultancy focused on truly understanding your testing problems and working with you to implement solutions to those problems.

We don’t come armed with a box of “industry best practices”, but instead take the time to listen and learn together to understand what your problems really are, before providing the help you need to solve those problems to improve your testing and quality practices.

Listening, learning, helping

Learn more about the services offered by Dr Lee Consulting and what makes this a very different consultancy offering. This consultancy is not for everyone.

Dr Lee Consulting is a “not just for profit” business, giving back to the broader testing community with free resources, presentations to testing community events, and free/low cost assistance to volunteer & community organizations.