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Are you looking for advice and help with your software testing challenges? Are you open to ideas that are not just plucked from a box of “industry best practices”? If so, you might be in the right place!

We believe that your context is important and solutions that might work well for a different organization are not necessarily likely to work well for yours.

About Dr Lee Consulting

Dr Lee Consulting is a software testing consultancy offering training, advice, content creation, testing practice assessments and coaching to help those looking to improve their software testing and quality practices.

The unexpected end of Lee’s long stint working as an employee of a software development business led to the creation of this consultancy as a way to share his skills, experience and knowledge acquired over twenty-five years in the industry.

As the sole consultant in the business, you get to leverage the expertise of a seasoned practitioner, author and presenter in the worldwide testing community.

Working closely with your business to understand the problems you’re trying to solve, Lee produces context-driven solutions rather than pulling from a box of “industry best practices”. This bespoke approach employs the Socratic method and we’ll ask lots of questions as we learn together to fully understand the problems to be solved.

Lee’s extensive experience of influencing mindset change around testing will help you achieve the changes you need to genuinely improve your testing and quality practices.

Dr Lee Consulting offers a range of services in testing and quality management, from the curation of tailored training materials, through the creation of reference materials, to performing assessments of your current testing practices. Coaching of your team members as they implement our solutions is also available.

Written and verbal communication around testing is a speciality of Dr Lee Consulting and Lee can also serve as an expert witness in software testing.

Dr Lee Consulting is a “not just for profit” business, giving back to the broader testing community with free resources, presentations to testing community events, and free/low cost assistance to volunteer & community organizations.

Get in touch to discuss whether Dr Lee Consulting is the right consultancy to help you!

About Dr Lee Hawkins

Lee Hawkins

In the IT industry since 1996 in both development and testing roles, Lee has spent most of his career helping Quest Software teams across the world to improve the way they build, test and deliver software.

Lee considers that his testing career really started in 2007 after attending Rapid Software Testing with Michael Bolton.

Lee was the co-founder of the TEAM meetup group in Melbourne and co-organized the Australian Testing Days 2016 conference. He was the Program Chair for the CASTx18 testing conference in Melbourne and also co-organized Testing in Context Conference Australia 2019.

He is a co-founder of the EPIC TestAbility Academy, a software testing training programme for young adults on the autism spectrum.

Lee is the author of An Exploration of Testers, a book formed of contributions from the worldwide testing community in which testers share their testing, career and life lessons.

He is a frequent speaker at international testing conferences and blogs on testing at Rockin’ And Testing All Over The World. When not testing, Lee is an avid follower of the UK rock band, Status Quo; hence his Twitter handle @therockertester.

For full details of Lee’s experience, presentations, articles and contributions to the testing community, visit his LinkedIn profile.

Don’t forget to get in touch to discuss whether Dr Lee Consulting is the right consultancy to help your organization improve its testing and quality practices.

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