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If you’re looking for a more individual and personal approach that caters to your specific learning needs and requirements around software testing, the mentoring service from Dr Lee Consulting might be just what you’re looking for.

Lee has mentored many testers (and developers!) in Australia and overseas, both in-person and in virtual settings.

Mentoring in action

It’s important to understand the difference between mentoring and other types of guidance, such as coaching or training.

Mentoring relationships are focused on a long-term relationship and involve a mentor sharing their personal experience, understanding and industry insights with mentees. The focus is on knowledge transfer and practical advice, then it rests with the mentee to make the most of what’s been communicated to them. The content of mentoring sessions is expected to form using a mentee-led plan.

A mentoring program is all about helping the mentees to develop and improve in their career through a mentor’s guidance, advice and support. This is why it’s crucial to engage the services of a mentor who is truly experienced in the areas that the mentees wish to improve.

A typical mentoring engagement with Dr Lee Consulting has the following elements:

  • First, we determine where you’re currently at with your testing skills and where you want to be when we wrap up the mentoring program.
  • Then, we’ll agree on a learning curriculum and schedule that is personalized to your specific needs.
  • In (preferably) weekly sessions, we’ll go through the steps in your learning, any questions you have and the problems you’re facing.
  • You will receive resources that you can use to further expand your knowledge and hone your skills between, and in preparation for, the mentoring sessions.


We believe that regularity is important in achieving good outcomes from mentoring, so sessions are recommended once or twice a week, for a minimum of one hour per session. A different meeting cadence can be negotiated if your schedule requires it.

Our experience suggests that mentoring is most beneficial when performed in very small groups, so at most three people can join the same session. For larger groups, a training engagement is probably a better option.


Regular mentoring sessions are charged at an hourly rate, as follows:

Number of menteesHourly rate (AUD ex. GST)

One-off or very short term mentoring engagements will also be considered, please get in touch to discuss your requirements so we can provide a quote.

Next steps

If mentoring sounds like it could be helpful for you or your team members, please get in contact so we can arrange a short (free) initial session to explore your requirements and decide whether this service is a good option for you.

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