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Not The Status Quo

Dr Lee Consulting is not your typical software testing consultancy and it’s important to understand the modus operandi.

My philosophical bias around testing

I am a strong advocate for the principles of context-driven testing and have been heavily influenced by members of the context-driven testing community. I believe in a craftsmanship mindset to software development and look to understand the particular context of a project to implement good practices within that context.

Despite the many advantages gained by agile and DevOps practices, software quality remains a critical issue for project success yet modern testing & quality practices rarely seem to be adopted well to focus on delivering great quality products. I’m not in the business of misleading people and you won’t get an “automate everything” message from this consultancy (unless your specific mission is to automate your way to low software quality, in which case I’m unwilling to offer my services).

If you’re looking for “one size fits all” testing processes or to standardize approaches without respecting different project contexts, then you should probably look elsewhere for help.


I am not available on a full-time basis, as I deliberately carve out time to meet my volunteer commitments as well as time for activities and practices in support of my wellbeing.

I prefer to work remotely, but I’m willing to travel both domestically and internationally on occasion (at your cost).

I can work with teams in any timezone, subject to the obvious constraints placed on synchronous communication when working with some parts of the world from Australia. Early morning and evening meetings to accommodate timezone challenges are generally not a problem with appropriate notice.


I can be very flexible in terms of services on offer, length of engagement, minimum commitment, etc. Please contact me to discuss your needs and how I may be able to help you.


I expect to be paid for my work (with the possible exception of some community/not-for-profit efforts) and I believe my rates are fair for the value I offer.

Costs will vary depending on the details of the specific engagement. I will generally charge a flat daily rate (plus expenses, if applicable) but some types of work may be more suited to an hourly rate or even a fixed price (e.g. writing articles). The pricing model will be discussed and agreed with you before the start of each engagement.

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