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The following should give you a good idea of the kinds of services Dr Lee Consulting can offer to help your organization.

  • Assessment of testing practice
  • Assistance with adopting a “whole team approach” to quality (with and without specialist testers)
  • Advice around the judicious use of automation (to help you avoid automating your way to low software quality, especially in CD/DevOps environments)
  • Development of tailored in-house software testing training
  • Creation of software testing related content (e.g. for internal wikis)
  • Tailored presentations to advocate the need for human testing
  • Coaching and mentoring of testers (note that Lee has extensive experience in this area with offshored staff)
  • Writing articles on testing (e.g. experience reports, opinion & response pieces) for magazines, websites, etc.
  • Acting as an expert witness in software testing
  • Board membership (particularly not-for-profit and vegan organizations)

If you’re looking for help in some other aspect of software testing, please still feel free to make contact to discuss your needs and whether Dr Lee Consulting can be of assistance.

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